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Choose the Philippines as your next yacht charter destination with LXV yacht rentals and sail to the remote islands of Palawan and the Visayas.

Cruise to the best diving spots with the perfect catamarans for rent and enjoy the best yachting journeys of the Philippines.

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Our Yachts For Charter

Our boats are usually based in Coron, Busuanga, El Nido, or Puerto Princesa. Rent a catamaran, a motor yacht, or a speedboat and sail through the islands of Palawan. 


Cruise in Palawan on our 60 feet catamaran with 4 cabins and explore Coron to El Nido.

Our Best Charters

Our boats are usually based in Coron, Busuanga, El Nido, or Puerto Princesa. Rent a catamaran, a motor yacht, or a speedboat and sail through the islands of Palawan. 

Coron El Nido Expedition

Coron to El Nido ExpeditionS

Cruise from Coron to El Nido, where each turn unveils the Philippines’ untouched splendor. Sail through crystal-clear waters and alongside dramatic cliffs to reach El Nido’s white-sand beaches.

Busuanga Islands Expedition

Explore our top-selling cruise experience nestled within the Busuanga area. Journey between serene lakes, delve into thrilling wreck dives, and uncover the allure of remote and private islands.

Best Cruising Destinations

Coron and Busuanga cruises

Coron & Busuanga

Sail away with LXV’s Busuanga Cruises packages for an unforgettable journey through crystal-clear waters and secluded paradises.


Discover Busuanga’s hidden treasures with our expertly curated day tours. Dive into vibrant coral reefs, encounter diverse wildlife, and soak in mesmerizing lagoons.

El Nido

El Nido

Sail away with LXV’s Busuanga Cruises packages for an unforgettable journey through crystal-clear waters and secluded paradises.

Our Services

Yacht Brokerage

Select LXV as your preferred Yacht Brokerage service in the Philippines. Renowned for our exceptional standards, we provide tailored assistance for yacht purchases or sales. Count on LXV to smoothly navigate your yacht transactions, guaranteeing satisfaction and success at every turn.

Bespoke Luxury Travels & Cruises

LXV stands out as your top choice for Luxury Yacht Charter services in the Philippines. Renowned for excellence, we specialize in tailored experiences for unforgettable yacht charters. Trust LXV to curate your dream voyage, ensuring unparalleled luxury and satisfaction throughout your Philippine adventure.

Yacht Management

For top-tier Yacht Management services in the Philippines, LXV is your ultimate choice. Renowned for excellence, we specialize in comprehensive management solutions tailored to your vessel’s needs. Trust LXV to handle all aspects of yacht maintenance and operations with professionalism and dedication, ensuring peace of mind for yacht owners.

Before to Book

Leonardo 100 Manila

Rent the Perfect Boat

Choosing the right yacht varies on your voyage vision with the vessel’s features. Whether you seek leisurely coasts, open-sea adventures, or sophisticated gatherings, size matters —larger yachts boast luxury, while smaller ones offer coziness. 

Prioritize amenities for comfort and ensure the crew aligns with your exploration goals. The perfect yacht not only fits your needs but transforms also your journey into an unforgettable exploration of sea and serenity.

LXV Yachts Lagoon

Choose the Right Destination

The Philippines promises a diverse, unforgettable sailing experience, where every destination is a gateway to beauty and luxury on the water. Let the islands’ allure chart your course to an exceptional journey.

Whether it’s Palawan’s majestic karsts, Cebu’s rich history and coral gardens, or Siargao’s pristine surf, choosing your Philippine yacht charter destination is an adventure in itself.


Luxury or Native Yacht Cruise?

Choose our native expedition to cruise on board a local boat and reach remote islands with local communities.

Sleep on luxury camps and enjoy a local and unique lifestyle with the best way to immerse in the Philippine culture. Discover our Palawan and Visayas tours.

Our Latest Reviews

Jasmine Curtis & Jeff Ortega


Jasmine: “Hi @Inquiries LXV, Jeff and I are already keen on coming back and doing the 4 day expedition 😍 and grateful we have been blessed with amazing weather today!

Will be sure to tag both accounts, too!! 😊 thank you again 😊”

Jeff: “Hi @Inquiries LXV, thank you for a wonderful experience! I’m with the Department of Tourism so I would be happy to help you with this inbound campaign. Personally, it’s something I would want to do every year for our birthday. You also have an experienced, courteous and humble team led by Captain Jhun which makes our time here worthwhile. Looking forward to trying out the 4 day expedition this year or the next!😊”

Jean Louis & Family


Jean Louis: “Hello Did.

Everything is perfect. We are all impressed by the boat : just a magic expérience in full confort.

The crew is so kind and I already had long conversation with the Captain.

We appreciate every minutes of this cruise. “

Paul & Friends


Paul: “We want to leave a bunch of reviews,
TripAdvisor wherever
We loved it
Best charter we’ve been on
The crew was exceptional
The level of detail and attentiveness was unmatched
Let us know how we can help
And we will have photos you can use soon too “

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time for chartering a yacht in the Philippines is typically during the dry season, from November to April. This period boasts favorable weather conditions, including clear skies, tranquil seas, and pleasant temperatures, which is perfect for sailing.

Although the dry season is the preferred choice for yacht excursions, the wet season from May to October presents distinctive adventure possibilities.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge and prepare for the potential obstacles during this time.

Absolutely! Chartering our yachts has the power to enhance memorable occasions, whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand celebration. Our team of travel specialists is dedicated to customizing the voyage to perfectly match your celebration requirements.

When you charter a yacht, you can expect a luxurious and customized experience. Your charter usually includes a meticulously maintained yacht equipped with diverse amenities for both comfort and entertainment, a devoted crew ready to assist and attend to your requests, and the freedom to select your preferred day tours and activities.