Yacht Rental Philippines

Embark on an exceptional journey of luxury and adventure with Yacht Rental Philippines. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the archipelago aboard our meticulously maintained yachts, where comfort, elegance, and tailored service converge.

With clear cerulean water, unspoiled stretches of sand, and over 7,000 sun-kissed islands, the Philippines is definitely the perfect place for your ideal island-hopping getaway. Aboard LXV’s fleet of Yacht Rental Philippines, journey through the marvels of the country—from a cruise along the soaring skylines of Manila, the milky white sands of Boracay, down to the hidden lagoons of Palawan, and several uncharted islands.

Secure your dream voyage today to witness the splendor of the Philippines from a unique perspective and craft unforgettable moments on the open waters.

Our Yachts For Charter


Cruise in Palawan on our 60 feet catamaran with 4 cabins and explore Coron to El Nido.